Al Khair Foodstuff Company LLC was established in 2012 for the purpose of importing, selling, packing and distributing food and consumer goods.

Al Khair Foodstuff Company is one of the most important companies in Kuwait which distributes coffee from Ethiopia and is the sole agent for the good milk of Bashanfer in Kuwait.

As well as the mix of Qassim coffee, which is one of the most important mixtures that enrich the cardamom and have a special acceptance of the Kuwaiti society .. Also, the mix of Qassim one of the most important mixes indispensable in coffee, where the monthly consumption of more than one hundred thousand packages.

As well as many canned goods and food products from high-value sources such as the Netherlands – Thailand – Ceylon and other countries known for their high value and excellent quality.

The company has been able to grow and become a leading center among similar companies. The company has set its objectives and strategy on the principle of selecting high quality to reach consumer confidence and satisfaction, the great diversity of products and the competitive price.

The success of the company and its superiority over its counterparts in Kuwait is due to the commitment to the principle of excellence in service and quality in the import and distribution operations. The company currently distributes a variety of products of coffee, milk, rice, dates,

The company also has a modern fleet of vehicles to transport, distribute and market the company’s products to cover all outlets throughout Kuwait with 12 cars. The company has a staff of 15 employees, trained by a distinguished management of experienced and highly qualified managers in food marketing.